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Why Have Your Roof Regularly Inspected?

A Regular Roof Inspection Is Good Practice

Regular free roofing inspection of your home’s roof systems will lead to early detection of roof problems, protecting your property and maintaining safe living conditions for you and your family. Regular, thorough inspection of your roofing system will help determine if it is still able to perform its intended function. That is, can it still provide ample protection from the weather and other environmental factors.

Avoid Surprises

Thorough roofing inspections will enable you to identify signs of roof weakness and or deterioration, or the presence of hazards or dangers. You will be able to institute the necessary precautionary or corrective measures to prevent the total deterioration of your roof system. When you inspect your roof on a regular basis, you will also be able to identify if your roof needs some repairs. This will give you ample time to budget well for the much-needed roofing repair.

Simplified Guide to Inspecting Your Own Roof

TMRC Roof InspectionHere are a few tips on what you need to look for in carrying out your basic yet free roofing inspection of your roof system. Inspect the exterior surfaces of your roof system especially for the continuity of the roof covering. Also, take note of any signs of deteriorating frontages, gutters, and soffits. You may also want to check how well your roof flashings are able to perform their intended function by looking for any sign of water leaks around its base. Next, you need to take a closer look at the interior finish of your roof system especially the ceilings and the walls. Look for any sign of water stains or leaks as these are sure indications of water penetration that can only occur in a deteriorating roof system. You may also want to look closely for signs of frost buildup and structural distress because these are telltale signs of danger in your home. Keep in mind to record or document everything you have noted or observed during the inspection of your roofing system so that you will have a record to base your estimates for any repairs and or maintenance that you might want to initiate.

Maintenance is Key

More often than not, preventive maintenance almost always does the trick of saving you tons of unnecessary costs because of a roof system that failed primarily due to neglect and lack of maintenance. By performing these simple tips year in and year out, or even on a more frequent schedule, you can avoid getting into the trap of being unprepared for the huge expense of a full roof replacement. Schedule your annual, semi-annual, free roofing inspection yourself by taking into consideration the different weather patterns that occur all year-round. It is best to perform a formal visual inspection of your roof system during the spring and summer. It is relatively sunny this time of the year, and there’s no snow, litter, or debris that can make locating trouble spots difficult. Schedule free roof inspections after every heavy wind or torrential rain condition just to inspect for damages and or breaks in the continuity of the roof components during the storm.

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Emergency Service 365 24/7

The Onslaught of Water Damage

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you are unprepared to handle it. Most homeowners are not prepared for water damage, from inclement weather or burst pipes, it’s something we give little thought to until it happens to us. However, should you find yourself in such a situation, your local Austin water damage repair experts will be available to restore the damage. Our team of licensed technicians has comprehensive training in how to conduct water damage restoration and will restore your home to its original condition.

Right When You Least Expect It

Suppose you arrive at your Cedar Park home late at night and you had left your home in impeccable order. When you open your door, you find that everything is under a few inches of water. The best thing to do is call our Atex Water Damage Restoration 24/7 hotline right away.

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Available 24/7 365

We’ll dispatch our team from the Leander location, and before you know it, they’ll be at your door ready to go to work getting your house back to being your home. They will assess the situation, and give you a report that will contain estimated costs and the number of days it will take to complete the job. You might be pleasantly surprised how quickly they arrive and how efficiently they go about getting things back in order.

Don’t Stress, Relax We’ll Handle It

Our aim is to reduce your levels of stress. We handle the job with utmost professionalism to ensure that we get your home fully restored as quickly as possible and that you experience the least stress as we manage our duties with pride and professionalism. We will provide you with a documented report of the damage to present to your insurance company.

Additional Services

Apart from flood damage services, we also offer Fire damage clean up services. If a fire should strike your home, you can call us to come and remove the soot, smoke, and odor from your home. Similarly, we also offer Mold remediation should your home be invaded by Mold. Mold growth presents a dangerous health hazard and should be eliminated from your home.



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